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          1. Stainless steel seamless pipe series

            Stainless Steel Seamless Tubes for Boilers and Heat Exchanger

            Product description
            GB/ 13296—2013
            | Stainless Steel Seamless Tubes for Boilers and Heat Exchanger

            Stainless steel seamless tubes for boilers and heat exchangers are used for power station,over-heat with excellent comp rehensive performances steam piping and boiling water piping and over-heat steam piping, and large/small off taker inboilers of Iocomotiver. The materials used are 06Crl9Ni10, 12Cr18Ni9, 022Cr19Ni10, 2Cr23Ni13, 0Cr23Ni13, 2Cr25Ni20, 06Cr25Ni20, 06Cr17Ni12M02, 07Cr17Ni12M02, 022Cr17Ni12M02, 07Cr19Ni11Ti, 06Cr18Ni11Ti, 07Cr19Ni, 07Cr18Ni11Nb, 0Cr18Ni12M02Ti and 1Cr18Ni12M02Ti.